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Amazonia collection with 20 products
Amazonia 20 products 3  
Bronze collection with 5 products
Bronze 5 products 2  
Campania collection with 8 products
Campania 8 products    
Exuberant collection with 6 products
Exuberant 6 products 1  
Iris collection with 14 products
Iris 14 products 4  
Joy collection with 1 products
Joy 1 product 1  
Joy collection with 2 products
Joy 2 Collections 2 products  
Lagoon collection with 8 products
Lagoon 8 products 1  
Noir collection with 7 products
Noir 7 products 1  
Shine collection with 8 products
Shine 8 products 1  
Tree collection with 5 products
Tree 5 products    
Whisper collection with 8 products
Whisper 8 products 1  
nspired by the relaxed Mediterranean culture, conveying flavours and aromas marked by the sea and the sun, Casa Alegre captured for each piece that unique spirit. The brightness and softness of the landscapes, the lazy heat of the summer afternoons, the fertility of the land and the expression of nature in its different forms recreate an enveloping universe of well-being.
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